New Paper Published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B on Arthropod-Bacteria Interactions and Bd

Pictured: Path analysis showing a cascade of effects from arthropods to density of Bd zoospores in the environment to Bd infection burden in tadpoles to tadpole body mass.

In a new study, Dr. Woodhams and colleagues explored the impact of arthropod-bacterial interactions, and how this influences the host microbiome and pathogen load in Bd infected tadpoles. It is suggested that healthy ecosystem dynamics and host microbiome function are intrinsically linked- loss of arthropods may have downstream effects on host fitness and microbial pathogen defenses.

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Greenspan, S. E., Lyra, M. L., Migliorini, G. H., Kersch-Becker, M. F., Bletz, M. C., Lisboa, C. S., Pontes, M. R., Ribeiro, L. P., Neely, W. J., Rezende, F., Romero, G. Q., Woodhams, D. C., Haddad, C. F. B., Toledo, L. F. and Becker, C. G. 2019. Arthropod–bacteria interactions influence assembly of aquatic host microbiome and pathogen defense. Proc. R. Soc. B. 286(1905), p. 28620190924.


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