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Phylogenetic Tree of Amphibian Skin Bacteria Phylogenetic Tree of Amphibian Skin Bacteria

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go Becker et al. characterized over 450 bacterial isolates from the skins of Panamanian amphibian species and tested them for antifungal function. Antifungal isolates were widely distributed among all bacterial phyla, with high proportions in three genera: Stenotrophomonas, Aeromonas, and Pseudomonas.

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click here Becker M, Walke J, Murrill L, Buy Amoxil Online Australia Woodhams DC, Reinert L, Rollins-Smith L, Burzynski E, Umile T, Minbiole K, Belden L. (2015) Microbiol Phylogenetic distribution of symbiotic bacteria from Panamanian amphibians that inhibit growth of the lethal fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. Buy Provigil Using Paypal Molecular Ecology

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