Welcome to the Woodhams Lab

Amoxicillin Buy Online Usa We study follow link immunological ecology, Cytotec To Buy Uk symbiotic microbiota, and source link conservation medicine. Our goal is to advance Cheap Prices On Cytotec probiotic strategies to mitigate the effects of chytridiomycosis on wild amphibian populations, and to reduce the risk of arbovirus transmission by mosquitoes. Development of novel biotherapies to stabilize beneficial microbial communities is one application linking ecology to public health.

go here Buy Amoxil 500 Mg Fieldwork ranges from locally in Massachusetts to tropical rainforests. While ecologically focused, research methods in the Woodhams lab incorporate immunological chemistry and mass spectrometry, next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of microbial diversity and community function. We maintain a microbial culture collection and database of antifungal isolates, a biosecure insectary for mosquito experiments, an outdoor mesocosm array, and a flow-through aquatics facility for amphibians.

source site We believe in sharing the values of collaboration, ecological ethics, and education, and are united on a path toward innovation best achieved by celebrating diversity of culture and thought.

"The pathogen is nothing.
The terrain is everything."
click -Louis Pasteur


Can You Buy Amoxicillin Over The Counter In Mexico Dr. Doug Woodhams is a disease ecologist working to understand the microbial contribution to immunity and the applications of altering microbiota for conservation and human health...

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http://udale.com/product-tag/pork/?orderby=rating We are looking for creative, self-motivated, and committed individuals, including undergraduates, Master's, and Ph.D. students. If your research interests complement those of the lab, contact us with...

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go here Our research vision is to advance probiotic strategies to mitigate the effects of chytridiomycosis on wild amphibian populations, and to reduce the risk of arbovirus transmission by mosquitoes...

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Buy Provigil Online India As a teacher of ecology, Dr. Woodhams aims to inspire a fascination in discovery and an appreciation for the intricate beauty of nature. Beyond learning facts and methods, students will develop...

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I enjoy facilitating my students’ research and collaborating with them on the design and progress of their work. Amoxil Buy Uk Read more...


  • Antifungal Isolates Database
  • Skin mucosome function
  • Field collection of antimicrobial peptides from amphibian skin
  • Treatments against chytridiomycosis
  • Probiotic therapies
  • Characterizing microbiota
  • Anaerobic chamber
  • Germ-free tadpoles

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